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At Frusantos – Frutos Selecionados, S.A., we devote ourselves to producing, marketing and distributing agricultural products both on the national and international market, from our head office in Ferreirim – Sernancelhe, in Beira Alta and our branch office in Samora Correia – Benavente, in the Ribatejo, in Portugal.

Our most popular products are: chestnuts, seed and other potatoes, onions and olive oil, but we also focus on several others, according to the season: cherries, apples, watermelon, melon, nuts.

Commercially, we work with wholesalers (agro-industries) and with retailers (purchasing centres for hypermarkets, supermarkets and supply markets), with the exception of seed potatoes and plant protection products, which we provide to retailers and final consumers.

Exporting 50% of our products, we are well-known in the EU – Italy, Spain, France and Germany – and outside the EU – Switzerland, Canada, Brazil and the United States. We are pleased with the business relationships we have, which we value highly, and we continue to work to identify commercial partners that can promote our products in new markets.


We are a family company with a common vision, hopes and legacy:
– Vision of growth and continuity;
– Common hopes, plans and goals;
– Commitment to the sense of handing down from generation to generation.

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Multidisciplinary team

We are a versatile, specialised team. We monitor the entire production cycle in order to guarantee quality and compliance with market standards.

Santo António Olive Press

We own the Santo António Olive Press, which has more than a century of history and has been in the family for several generations. Coming from the rich lands of Beira Alta, olive oil is a symbol of this region…

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To provide agricultural products of distinctive high quality, using advanced technology …

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We produce, market and distribute agricultural products on national and international markets…

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2017 – We are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the company and reinforcing our vision…

From 1982 to…

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Our solid, sustainable growth has allowed us to become a benchmark company…

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