Our history

2017 – We are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the company and reinforcing our vision of growth – promoting Portuguese production – giving preference to defining products, appealing to the flavours that define us, what is ours and from our region, the sensorial and emotional experience – on national and international markets – giving rise to a new brand “Saudade – sabores do coração”.
2016 – We grew 40%, with a turnover of approximately EUR 11 million. We strengthened our internationalisation strategy through individual project implementation, based on differentiation and innovation.
2015 – We introduced the certification system to assure best agricultural practices – GlobalG.A.P. – recognised worldwide. This system permits access to the most demanding of export markets, assuring the quality, safety and sustainability of the products.
2013 – The company became a limited company and took the name Frusantos – Frutos Selecionados, S.A.
2012 – We built our new head office, at the Ferreirim industrial park. We invested in advanced technology, with new operating lines – sterilisation, calibration and packaging for chestnuts, and new cold and climate controlled infrastructures for apples. We introduced Certification and Food Safety and Environmental Management Systems.
2009 – We changed the company name to Frusantos – Frutos Selecionados, Lda.
2008 – We opened a branch in Samora Correia – Benavente (Ribatejo). We introduced new production and calibration lines for potatoes and onions. We increased our product portfolio with the addition of seasonal fruit from the Ribatejo region, such as watermelon, melon and strawberries.
2007 – We launched two brands of our own: “Quinta da Cerca”, a multiproduct brand, and “Flôr do Távora”, specifically for olive oil.
1998 – We invested in cutting edge technology, with the purchase of the second largest chestnut steriliser in the country, with a capacity for 1500 kg per hour.
1992 – The year the company was incorporated, with the name Frusantos – Produção, Comércio, Transformação, Importação e Exportação de Frutas, Lda.
1982 – João da Silva Santos’ vision created the company, as a sole proprietorship. Located in Ferreirim – Sernancelhe (Viseu), Beira Alta, we market chestnuts, nuts, apples, seed and other potatoes, cereals, animal feed, fertiliser and plant protection products.